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Friday, April 14

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I speak to a lot of people who haven’t heard music from archives, So I decided to set up a download file available for the next 7 days, this Zilla’s den zip file contains over a 100 tracks, rare recordings, and mp3’s of some of the rarest mixtape, original songs and features that you may have never heard. Add it to your scorz collection. Over the years my music has become hard to find, so I decided to make them available to new and old discoverers of my music. This is just one file from my hard drive, there are more stashed away as well that I will release in due time. So feel free to download it and the share the link, if you share the link please share this blog post then they can discover my 28 track double album Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle and my New E.P ILLA SCORZ
CLICK ZILLA’S DEN STASH GIVE AWAY FOR THE TRACKS! link will be available for 7 days.
Have fun sifting through the songs, add them to your collection.
get at me on the usual social networks. I will be happy to hear from you.
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