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Thursday, April 6

Is Shady season approaching? A simple photo has turned into pandemonium over the possibility of new Eminem music.

On Tuesday (April 4), Slim Shady’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg shared a photograph of himself and his famous client at a 7-Eleven. Fans with a keen eye were quick to point out that Em had some writing on his palm. Upon further inspection, some believed it read “April 7” or “April 9.” They wondered if this could be a possible Slim Shady release date.

Adding to speculation, Rosenberg captioned the photo: “It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries.” Of course, some fans took this to mean new music was on the way, since Em hasn’t released a project since 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP II.

It’s also possible that the caption referred to a series of 7-Eleven flicks that Rosenberg has posted throughout the years, usually filed under #7elevenseries. In 2014, for instance, he took one of Mathers at the Big Gulp machine. Prior to that, there was one of Em making nachos with cheese and jalapeƱos.

While a single is possible, it would be surprising for Em to release a new album on April 7. That’s because his Interscope labelmate Kendrick Lamar is also expected to drop an LP on this date. But a new album at some point this year isn’t farfetched. Back in October of 2016, Em confirmed that he was working on a new project.

“Don’t worry,” he wrote. “I’m working on a new album. Story via Rap-Up.

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