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Friday, January 29

Rapper Max B -- the man originally in the middle of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa's feud -- is riding the wave of publicity in hopes it will help spring him from prison.

Max B, who's behind bars serving a 75 year sentence for armed robbery and murder, just released a new song called "My Wave" from behind bars.

For those not in the know ... B's credited with popularizing "wavy" hip-hop -- which he defines as "a futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation." Wiz accused 'Ye of jacking his term when he changed his album title to "Waves."

Max B dropped this new track, recorded over a prison call with his producer. It's lo-fi, but catchy and his message for Kanye is clear -- "you can't keep riding my wave."

Max B also used the extra attention to plug a Free Max B petition. Smart.

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