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Friday, January 23

1. Tell us what Shystie has been up to these last few months?

I been in the studio religiously recording material for 2015 with my manager Christian, producer Rymez, Deanyboy, Jalissa and Charlie Brown. I just been working really hard. I recently put out ‘Let Me Go” the second single from my EP  'Exhalation'.

2. What is your creative process when writing a song?

We go in the studio get some alcohol, some food some snacks. I'll have some alcohol in me, i'll have some food in me, i'll have some good vibes in me then I just write.

I listen to the beat first as each beat tells me different things. The producer might have been in a certain place when he made it so I can sorta hear the mood of the music and I can write to the vibe of the beat. I prefer listening to the beat first then writing to the beat.

3. Do you prefer recording in the studio or doing live shows?

Live shows all day long! 100% everytime. My manager recently asked me what’s it like being on stage? Whats the feeling? And I couldn’t describe it to you. It’s euphoric its  a crazy addictive feeling when the crowd is so energetic and knows your words. I love it when everyone has come out to sweat basically! When you see me on stage I want you to leave sweating! That’s my thing I love performing. Obviously I need to do the recording to get to the live shows.

4. As a lyricist what is your favourite verse that you have wrote?

Maybe “Pull It”. I really like “Pull It” because it came to me so easy. And when I perform it its like the most catchy thing I’ve written so everyone sings along to it.  Also maybe “One Wish” that was one my first songs, that was me fresh coming out of Sixth form perfecting my craft as much as I could. That kinda put me on the map. A lot of people that know Shystie know me since “One Wish”.

5. Have you got any more acting roles lined up?

Yes in 2015 I got more acting. I have been picked up by an agency and just done some profile pics for their website. So 2015 I'm going to be working with them and involved in a lot of acting.

6. When you are not working what does Shystie do for fun?

When I'm not working I sleep man! I bought these black curtains and from Friday evening when I close these curtains and it’s so dark I can sleep till mid-day or 1pm. I forget where I am! Saturday night I do the same thing. I'm in my cave! I really look forward to the Friday and Saturday evenings when I get to close my curtains. That’s a real cheesy thing I only share with a few friends! Monday – Thursday I can’t close them curtains otherwise its game over and I'm not waking up.

Other than that hanging out with friends and family watching movies.

7. How have you changed since the days of ‘One Wish’? How's your music changed?

I've grown up alot, I was young when I first came out. I hadn't travelled, I hadn't made money and my environment was totally different.

It was more dark, teenage stuff. Before I was writing in a different place. Now I have travelled and made money so my mind-state is in different place to what I was 10 years ago. My music is more lighter now.  I’ve grown as an artist. I’m happy making good music and I don’t wanna talk about guns and drugs and all that stuff. I wanna talk about making money and getting a house, OMG I sound so old now !!!

8. You are known for your deep lyrics. Do you think lyrics are more important than the flow?

Yes sometimes I play my stuff to my friends and people that are in the industry and sometimes their like “you need to change your flow here”. I just wanna get this off my chest and spit. I do take on-board comments but sometimes I just wanna spray.  There are times I wanna show off that I can spit fast, I can spit double timing, triple rhyming. There is a time and a place and depends on the mood I am in.

9. What’s the maddest thing that has happened to you since you entered the music industry?

Getting signed and getting my money. Coming from Hackney there was 6 of us in a 2 bedroom. Now I have made this money I have been able to help my family that’s a very positive thing and I always want to help others and give back.

I didn’t think I was going to do Music. When I went to college I wanted to do a animation course but all the courses were finished and the only thing that was left was sound engineering for music. So I thought i'll just do that as I don’t want to take a year out. So throughout this year I was working on my music and a year later I got signed by a major label. So I was like “Later” . I started learning to rap so late at like 17 or 18.

I originally wanted to work for Pixar but got a break in music and just carried on with that.

10. Can you tell us one unusual fact about yourself?

I like doing art. I can draw quite well. I designed all my mix-tape covers. I do all my Twitter and Facebook artwork myself. I love designing. I definitely want to work on my own clothing line. Its like a release for me, if im stuck on my writing I go and design something on Photoshop and will make me feel much better. It’s a outlet for me.

11. What is your favourite piece of TV/Film that you have done so far?

Dub Plate Drama would be the best thing. It was the first acting I had ever done!

12. Whats coming up for Shystie in 2015? 

I want to work on my next album. We got a Shystie tour happening in 2015. I will be acting more so expect to see me in more TV and films. Basically more rich, more healthy and more successful. 

13. Where can we catch up on whats happening with Shystie?


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