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Tuesday, December 30

1. Your name, what you do and where you come from?

Cameo a DJ from London

2. How did you choose your name?

When I used to go raving at places like Tuff Jam I'd watch Dj's come into the room, play and then go. It was like a cameo appearance, and I thought that’s what I wanna do, go to bare clubs do my set, have a great time then cut to the next one. 

3. How did you get started in your profession?

I started at college, a lot of my friends had decks. We started practicing and messing about and
going to clubs watching the top DJ's do their thing. 
Just seeing the vibe and the mixing of records seemed like something cool to do. When I started doing it I realised I had quite a talent for it. 

Local pirate stations in West London Ice FM and Freek Fm gave me my break.

4. Your influences?

Tuff Enuff Brown, Matt Jam Lamont, DJ EZ. Real class DJ's who are technically amazing.

They were the people I looked up to in the early stages. As I developed further I looked at the American DJ's like Khaled and stuff  and that’s where I wanna be now.

5. Favourite person you worked with?

I love working with the 1xtra team, they really give me the freedom to do what I wanna do. Everyone I work with the promoters, the studio people, the artists , the agents, the managers, its good to work with everyone.

6. If you weren't’ doing what you do what would you be doing?

My dream when I was a little yout was to be a pilot – I wanted to fly planes. Thought it would be so cool just flying around the world banging air hostesses – I was on that!! But it never happened so........

7. Your proudest moment?

There's a few – obviously getting onto 1xtra and being allowed to do what I was doing on the pirate stations with them. 

Winning the Urban music awards for Best Newcomer 2005. Those days there was the people who voted. It really mattered. That was the last one. Theres never been anything real like that since!

Winning the best urban DJ award in 2008, the complications … there's been a few moments. 

But now I'm in the position where I have access to amazing producers and artists and where I'm able to produce these great projects is something I have dream't about for years, and now I'm here that feels so good.

8. What you got coming up in the next couple of months?.

You can check the latest track featuring Scrufizzer, Kozzie, Big Narstie and Lady Leshur. Big things for 2015. A lot of shows, tracks etc

Keep an eye on my social media to see whats going on.

9.  Tell us a unusual fact about yourself that may surprise people?

When I was a youth I used to  play football, basketball and cricket for the South of England.

10.Your website/social media sites?

For the latest Snapbacks, Fitted caps and Streetwear visit

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