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Tuesday, March 18

1. Your name, what you do and where you come from?

Roachee - Im Roachee from East London and I'm an Emcee

Trim - I'm Trim and I'm an artist that does this...

2. How did you choose your name?

Roachee - My name was sort of chosen for me because my surname is Roach. Everybody started calling me Roachee from quite a young age.

Trim - Im Trim because I used to get cussed for having a picky trim at football with the lads.

3. How did you get started in your profession?

Roachee - I started writing because I was listening to people like Pay As You Go, Heartless Crew, mashing up the airwaves an we kinda aspired from there and started doing it ourselves.

Trim – N.A.S.T.Y Crew, Pay As You Go, Heartless Crew, and I always listened to reggae music and grime was a stepping stone from there.

Roachee - We started together first as Juvenile Crew then Bomb Squad, MDK .

Trim - We had a few crews we were in, but now we are here today as Roachee and Trim.

4. Your Influences?

Roachee - Pay As You Go, Heartless crew, So Solid, N.A.S.T.Y Crew. For me these were the 4 that made me wanna do this.

Trim - For me I just liked writing poems. I was good at English literature so I was awake to making music at a young age and just needed somewhere to do it and grime was that inspiration that gave me the platform to produce off.

5. Favourite person you worked with?

Trim – Roach...Just the easiest guy to work with.

Roachee – Definitely trim. Sometimes rapping he tells me how he wants me to come on his tune or his beat and starts singing things and from Trims singing it gives me ideas in my head. I havnt really worked with loads of people so...

6. Who would you most like to work with?

Roachee - I think I would want to work with NAS. I would like a Kanye West production with me and Nas on it.

Trim - Eminem, the only person I would want to work with.

7. If you weren't’ doing music what would you be doing?

Roachee - I think I would be doing personal training or youth work in the community somewhere. Maybe music or sports with the youth.

Trim – I don’t know where I would be today. I was very smart at a young age and stuff but just got led astray a bit. Without music im lost. Im not sure what i would be doing.

8. Your proudest moment?

Roachee - Im proud of the 2 cds I been a part of. For me to get them completed was quite a proud moment.

Trim - We toured with Snoop and 50 cent when we were around 17, 18 at the beginning of our careers... Im very proud of that.

9. Tell us a unusual fact about yourself that may surprise people?

Trim – It proper hurts me when people talk shit about im from East London but I support MAN U, You don’t know how much that really does hurt! And when I see people dissing my team on twitter and Jamaicans it hurts me… so now you know keep doing it!

Roachee – I think everything I do is quite usual!

10. What you got coming up?

Roache - Together we are collaborating on our next cd which is the Nangest EP volume 2- which is actually gonna be called the War Of The Worlds , We will put that out then i'll start on Roach Material Vol.2...That’s the plan.

Trim – As well as War Of The Worlds I got NFA coming out soon, No Fixed Abode.

Let us know how everyone out there can follow you and keep up to date with all your latest news!

Roachee – you can catch me @RoachMaterial on Twitter or 'Roachee Roach' on Facebook

Trim – Aint got a facebook but my Twitter is Trim___ my Instagram is trimstagrams and my website is

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